Changes vs Regrets…
Jun 3rd, 2013 by suehooi







I wanted to google and read on something to understand my life better… I stumble across a website that had similar thoughts which I didn’t know how to spill them out earlier.. So jumping from one thought to another I decided to pen this down… It has occurred to me before but I never said it out…

I wish I could be one of those people who lives life without any regrets, who makes decisions in a carefree manner and never looks back. I know several people who live life this way (or at least claim to) and I envy that they are able to do this. But I’m most definitely not one of those people. I ponder over most decisions, big and small, and even after spending hours deliberating and carefully weighing the pros and cons, I often still look back afterwards and wish I could change the choices I’ve made.

A friend once said to me, you should not regret decisions you made in the past because you made it based on what you thought was best for yourself at that time with the options and choices you have.

Hence the changes and choices made was to your best knowledge of what you had at that time, not being able to foresee the exact path where you are right now.

Does changes make you regret later on? Or do you regret and then you make changes?



Why Love?
Dec 2nd, 2012 by suehooi

Intelligence without love makes you perverse.
Fairness & justness without love makes you inflexible & stern.
Diplomacy & tact without love makes you a hypocrite.
Success without love turns you arrogant.
Wealth without love makes you mean & tight–fisted.
Poverty without love turns you into a radical.
Beauty without love makes you capricious.
Authority & power without love lead to tyranny.
Labor without love turns you into a slave.
Naivety without love deprives you of values.
Prayer & worship without love turns you into a egotist.
Faith without love turns you into a fanatic.
Bearing your cross in life without love becomes a terrible burden.

A Moment In Life
Nov 4th, 2012 by suehooi

Today was an eye opening. I slipped and broke my glass shower door. For the first time I really am thankful I am still breathing now. My heart stopped beating for a moment not knowing what happened. I wished I was back home near my family. I could not imagine if I just left the world with so many things left unsaid and incomplete.

It is crazy not knowing where I was hurt. I know I was bleeding but there were no pain. Funny huh? It was only much later – hours later I started to feel the pain of my wound, my back, ankle and wrist. It took me hours to clean up the mess and had to find someone to fix it. Today is Sunday so out of the 10 calls I made only one could make it tomorrow morning. Now that I finally sit down I can feel my headache and more pain slowly coming.

It is true, you never know what will happen tomorrow.

Obligations vs Fake….
Jan 28th, 2012 by suehooi

If you are invited to an occasion, party, dinner, celebration but you don’t want to go yet you feel obliged or it is an obligation… maybe because you are the boss of the company, maybe because it your relative or because it is your partner’s friend, or your best friend wanted a company or whatever… So you go half heartedly, are you being fake or is it just an obligation thingy? You fake your smile, people ask you how is the party, you say very good even though you can’t wait to leave, you do small talks or whatever to your employees, clients and etc coz it is a company event…

Or… Sales, you treat the client and customers with really good customer service and etc… but when they leave, you what a piece of crap he/she is… oh fucking dick head… etc…

You say you are a genuine person, but are you? You say you should stand up for yourself, but why do u fake it with people if u believe in standing up for yourself? You tell people, that is just life.. everyone is like that…welcome to the real world…………so does that mean we live in a fake society and fake world? Then it will come down to the white lies and the “real” lies… Is life really that hard to live and keep up with?

Also, is work an obligation? IF it is, and you don’t like your work, do you fake your ” 8-5 working” life to fulfil the obligations? There are ppl that are very pasionate with their work, but being passionate, you need dedication… Dedication means no outside life besides working coz there are just too much work.. work can never end… so it comes down to balance. Yes, you balance it… so when ur boss wants u to OT or do something you don’t want to or so, do u fake an excuse to your boss to oblige to ur family waiting for u or do u fake an excuse to ur family to oblige your boss..

Someone said to me a week ago: work to live but not live to work..

Jan 17th, 2012 by suehooi

Hmm.. Today while on the train back, there is this bunch of weirdos sitting across me.. Rowdy and so… So showing off their “coolness” as they exit their stop, I notice one of them left their iPhone.

(Yeah, you can skip to the last paragraph to my point… Haha… :) )

I thought he would realise it since he had this VERY long chain from his pocket down to the floor dragging his wallet. I think normal people would use it as a dog chain.. but anyway, I took the phone and just to reach the door the signal of train closing door.. I don’t want to miss my train as I need to wait another 30 minutes or so and it was getting dark and etc… So I just put the phone back on the sit. I don’t know why I did that as usually I would pass on the appropriate authorities.. But prob their lack of attitude kinda make me reluctant to bother or take the extra effort to run faster or yell out loudly or some shit..

Then the guy behind me saw me what I did and said I should give it to the driver before someone else takes it. And that hit me, it could happen. Before I can reach to the phone, another commuter on the opposite of me about few seats away straightaway jumps in and said what’s that and took charge of everything. He then quickly make a call on his own mobile.

I was like wow, he’s quick before any of us did anything he was already there and thought he called authorities or so.. To my surprise, he called his friend to see if his friend can crack the phone or so…

I was like WTF? If my phone is password protected it means I don’t want you going thru my stuff… Duh? Privacy law? His reason is he wants to get the number of the owner to call the owner.

Anyway, while he spends like 10 over minutes on phone with his mates, I thought about my actions.. It’s not lack of trust but the way he handle it is like he is after the phone..

I feel so guilty coz I could see the guy that asked me to pass the phone on to the driver was like looking at me and silently telling me “told you so…” I pray that there are good people out there and that the owner of the phone will get it back safely.

I don’t know why I was so ignorant… I think if I were to left my phone or so, I would hope someone will take responsibility to return it to authorities not just chuck it back on the seat and pass on the responsibilities to others…

Fortunate / Lucky?
Jan 2nd, 2012 by suehooi

How lucky are we is our own judgement in life.

I used to have a car to get me anywhere without feeling disable. Now I am adjusting to not having a car. I dread to have a car.. Feeling damn, I waste so much time on public transport, I am crippled.. How unfortunate and 1001 excuses…

Then something or someone makes you realised that problems are created by ourselves..

You don’t have a car, you have less expenses vs inconvenience… Time wasted, that is why we have iPhone and iPad… Read news, catch up with whatever with the technology invented.. If not there’s always newspaper and books.. Or just enjoy the quietness and just time to reflect on your day..

I saw this documentary on how this lady whom dedicated her whole life to her farm of cattle. She knows nothing but only the cattle industry. It’s her living for her family to survive. Now with the government’s new policy, she has to shoot them because she no longer can export them. She lives in a very huge land and farm with lots of mother nature surrounding her. It is beautiful how the place is not commercialised.

But now, she no longer can feed her family and everything is going down the drain.

Her life took a drastic turn suddenly with no preparation and exit plan. If I only knew how to raise and breed cattle, and now I loose my job, what can I do? I need to give up what I grew up with all my life and inheritance.

It is really sad the country people suddenly have got to change their survival skills and with all the bills piling up. One of them is in debt of AUD300k overnight.

We always think we have got so much problems, stress and etc… But when you hear about other people’s more serious problem, you start to think about how selfish and spoilt we are. Some of us are so lucky and fortunate that we don’t even realised it.

And when you feel sorry for people and want to help them, but don’t know how to.. it is sad. You have so much on your plates, how do you help others? I guess life is never fair. Some rich people, are so rich they will throw money to lawyers for divorce. Wont it be nice if that money just goes to charity? Help those in need?


People around us….
Dec 29th, 2011 by suehooi

I think technology really open up our eyes.. The things that you think is silly, stupid or no way there is such a thing or people…

Funny…but there are weirdos… believe it or not…

I thought I pick up that habit from my parents..more like my mom…
But after I watch Hoarders on TV, thank god I don’t know anyone personally like that.. Those are REALLY HOARDERS!!!

It is unbelievable.. There is no place to walk in the house. The fridge is all mouldy. Cant even see the dining room, kitchen table… The things they buy are still in the plastic bags..It took really 3 over days for professional movers or so to clean up the place. Imagine 10 over people with how many containers load of things…

I complaint about my parent’s messy house.. After I watch that show, I feel grateful and thankful…

My Strange Addiction: (Click on it to view the article…)

There are people out there that you think are abnormal, weird but this is speechless..

A woman that carries her puppet EVERYWHERE…
A woman with 22 cats and all her expenses goes to the cats..It is quite ok but……even she is allergic to the cats?!?!
A girl that eats cushion… She just open up the seats n really eat them..
A grown up lady that still sucks on pacifier.

2011 questions….
Dec 27th, 2011 by suehooi


  1. What is life all about? A race to compete with others?
  2. Time is precious.. Do you chase time or just go with the flow and live life to cherish every single minute of it?
  3. People change over the years.. Is it you or them?
  4. Friends.. How do you define them? How honest can you be with them? When the line is cross, is there a turning back?
  5. Honesty… Honest to hurt someone because honesty is the best policy? Or white lie won’t hurt?
  6. Work.. Work for satisfaction or money?
  7. What is happiness? If making other people happy, makes u happy then do u always have to give in to other people just to make urself happy indirectly? But u can’t make everyone happy…
  8. What is forgiveness? Forgive others but still remember the incident? How can u forget hurtful things?
  9. Satisfaction.. Something you don’t expect or want more? But will we human ever be happy with what we have? When is enough?
  10. Is money ever enough? When is it enough?
  11. If there are two sides to everything, then is there right and wrong?

    Kind, intelligent, loving and hot;
    This describes everything you are not.



Dec 27th, 2011 by suehooi

It hailed here like crazy…

Went to church with relatives… My first time celebrating Christmas with family instead of friends…

Today skipped shopping coz didn’t want to join the crowd..and should save $$$.

Instead I cleared up my mailbox. I am in 2009 now.. Another 2 years to go.. Tiring…

Chat with some friends.. Read some emails.. Interesting and refresh old memories.. Good and bad.. One of my friend said, good reading back old emails, normally will make you smile. I think it is true… It sort of make you think back about your past, what you have gone through, done and the experiences that you had… How life is different when you grow older…

My cousin once said to me, do you keep all your letters and emails so that when you grow older you would read them again and laugh at yourself how silly you were when you wrote them? I just thought he was being a guy and not sentimental enough…. Haha…

Now, I think he is so darn right about it… I guess he has eaten more salt than me to know all these… Wonder if I should have listen to him too on seeking the truth of yourself that you subconsciously deny..

Anyway, Merry Christmas… Do you believe in Santa Claus? Everyone is a Santa Claus during Christmas… (You think it’s rubbish?!) Think about it… We are all Santa Claus to the merchants… We buy so much before and after Christmas…

Today’s news:

“Retailers prepare for biggest sales week…More than $1.7 billion is expected to be shelled out across Australia’s retail sector on Boxing Day sales.”

“The Australian National Retail Association estimated Victorian shoppers splurged $581 million yesterday, slightly up on last year.”


Dec 4th, 2011 by suehooi

Well, here I am…down under…

Been a while since I posted… Why? What else? Only 2 things: laziness and procastination.

Time to change my blog title as it no longer is China now… Maybe I should look on the bright side, if it is not the stupid spams I had earlier, I won’t be writing my blog now… :) Haha.. Yin and Yang..

Anyway, I arrived Melbourne on my birthday… ;) Good timing.. 4 months now.. The experience is really challenging and an interesting life prospect for me…  There were lots of ups and downs during my transition period.. But I am more or less settled now.. Finally… So much to share now that I think of it.. Hmm… Didn’t realised so much has happened until now that I actually am sitting down writing.

Where shall I start? House hunting? Property agent? My new herb, vege and fruit gardening? My family? My friends? Job? My long lost relative? Sydney vs Melbourne? Hmmm… Or should I just post up photos?

Let’s start with my property agent since it is late and tomorrow I need to clean up my place from the mess my mom left for me ;) (Nah, she didn’t create the mess(maybe a little), it is just me being fussy and putting the blame on her… Mom is cool, she brought and bought me lots of stuff!!! Yay!! Thanks mom! You are the best…)

Haha… I am cheating here.. need to do my laundry now so need use short cut of copy and paste from a post I made online somewhere during that incident (wonder how come I didn’t think of my this blog…)

I moved to Melbourne on 2nd Aug 2011. Got my keys to my rented property on 10th Aug only to realize in the night my heater and my hot water was not working. Thought the water-boiling unit was not working due to the fermented discharge at the bottom of the tray. Had to call a cab and pay extra for the after 12am service. Look for last minute hotel and pay 100 over just to have a warm shower and sleep without being frozen to death. If you remember it was cold and freezing. Yeah, it was winter. And I came from a tropical hot climate country. So it is obviously very cold for me.

Went to the property agent next day to complain about the incident. Told him I wanted to make a claim for the additional expenses incurred. He said nope, we already provided a roof for you to stay in. Well, I didn’t want to ask further what he exactly means by that statement, as I just wanted to get things working. He was nice saying he will call the landlord and etc… Gave me also another tenant’s contact to call should I need further assistant. When I wanted to sign up for the 12 months contract, boy was he super efficient.

Turned on the hot water and heater upon arriving back from the agent’s office. It worked! Stupid, huh? Apologize to the agent for the inconvenience caused and so forth. Felt very silly but happy everything is working. Obviously I need to get going to buy all my other stuff and so on… So off everything left the apartment to do my things..

Came back at night, hot water was still working but not the heater. Was not going to pay extra for additional accommodation, as I am tight on cash. So no choice, wore few layers and thick jacket to bed. Was getting tired, as since the morning I touched down Melb it was only house hunting morning to evening. Night on Internet to search for next day’s property listing. Next morning, went for my Melbourne day trip. Night, knocked on my neighbor’s door to see if they could help me with the heater. She agreed my heater is spoilt. But I was already under the weather. I just need my sleep and rest. Nearly dead for the weekend.

Monday, 15th Aug morning shoot an email to my agent addressing my problems in writing. No response. 17th called but went to voice mail. Left a message. No response. 18th sent another email. 19th called but went voice mail again. Left message. Called the office and spoke to the office manager. She said she will look into the matter for me and that the agent has apparently replied my email on the 18th. Indeed, he did. It went to my spam mails.

26th Aug: A plumber came to look at the fermented discharge in my water boiler unit, as I was worried it might be health hazardous. Plumber also fixed one of my leaking tap. Another small leakage he told me it is under builder’s warranty. I won’t bother so much as I want my heater done. Emailed agent to thank him and also remind him of the other outstanding issues.

27th Aug: Another maintenance guy came to fix a broken wood.

29th Aug: Emailed agent to thank him and also remind him of the other outstanding issues. At this point I also found I cannot open my windows or sliding door due to the flies and insects flying into my unit. And I have photos taken for the 20 over flies I caught in my bedroom, kitchen and living area in just two days. It is not even summer yet! I emailed photos to the agent.

Agent replied awaiting landlord’s response whom is living in Perth. Ask me to send the 2 heaters back to the manufacturers myself. That was the last email I had from my agent.

I replied to his email saying I was uncomfortable with the arrangement of me dismantling the heaters by myself. But no response to that.

So I am suppose to un-mount the 2 electric heaters from the walls (living area and bedroom) and go to the post office to send it back to the manufacturer as the heater is still under warranty. Please note, I arrived here with only my clothes. I did not bring any screw drivers or whatsoever. I am a female with no car. I need to walk about 8 minutes to my closest public transport of bus. I have never in my life dismantled a heater, as I don’t have that in my country. My agent knows about my incapability and not being comfortable to dismantle the heaters as I have emailed him and the property agent’s office manager about it. Office manager – not a single call or email replied too.

I did seek advice from Tenant Union of Victoria and the officer advised me to lodge my application to VCAT. I informed my agent and cc a copy to the office manager of my intentions on 2nd Sept. Not a single response.

5th Sept I called the manufacturers regarding the issues I am facing. And also inform her my intentions to escalate the matter to higher authorities. She was more understanding and said she will help me out to call the agent. She did and my agent sent someone to help me dismantle the 2 heaters in the evening.

To date 13th Sept my 2 heaters are out from my rented unit since 5th Sept and no news at all. My fly screen request has not been installed. A guy came on the 8th to only take the measurements. Since the day I moved in, I have only occupied my room, as it is too cold to even use the living room. I have bought a portable heater, as I can’t live in a cold place without a heater. I can’t open my windows or sliding door for ventilation. To use my kitchen with my mind at ease, I cannot open windows or sliding door at all. I can ventilate my place if I don’t intend to have food lying around. I can’t utilize my living area, as it is too cold. So I do everything in my room.

I am really really fed up of contacting my agent. My heater is an urgent repair. Another neighbor of mine whom had the same problem with me but different agent had his fixed with his agent sending someone over and replacing a new heater. My agent apparently has been in the industry for about 8 years or so.

So tell me what should I do if I don’t want to apply to make the relation between the agent and myself worst? Emailing and calling is on deaf ears. Going to Tenant Union Victoria is not what I have in mind, as it is so simple. Heater, insect screen and I also requested an additional lock for my own safety since day one. Is it really difficult? I am not having a major repair that can cause few thousand dollars. How can I inform others not to choose the agent as they only care about money? Once taken, you are not on the priority anymore.

Can I contact the landlord myself and inform them about my problems and see if the delay is due to the agent’s inefficiency or just the landlord not agreeing to something?

How difficult is my issues? I hate to chase people to do things. It is your responsibilities. You are not a small kid anymore. Should I inform the director of the company the staff is slacking and bringing bad image to the company? Or they probably will just make things harder for me when I further escalate the matter? Can I claim compensation that it is more than a month already but I can’t utilize my apartment fully. Hence, why should I be paying for the entire rental? Can I break my lease without having to pay compensation since I am only using part of the property and it is a health concern for me if I can’t ventilate my apartment and there are too many flies and insects in my apartment when I do? Can I black list the agent?

Dec 4th, 2011 by suehooi

Yesterday and today my email was bombed by 50 over emails notifying me of my this blog comments… Bloody hell man, all spams!!!! OR is it virus???!! How does all this spam thingy works? Can I spam them back?!

I didn’t publish my blog out though… Now I just checked, 400 over spams on my comments section.. Crazy.. Doesn’t these people have any better things to do? Get a life man?! What’s wrong with them? Too much free time on hand? I wish I have more than 24 hours a day…and more than 7 days a week….

Time is so precious… Why would people want to spam and create virus to others whom do no harm to them? Or were just living their own lives but bad luck…shit happens, your blog just gets spammed…. Annoying!!!! :(

The Date with Me
Jul 24th, 2011 by Anonymous

I’m sitting alone on my coach, scrolling through my Whatsapp contact list, wondering who I should text. It suddenly hit me, after a decade of being in a relationship, this is the first time I am really alone.

The first week of being in my singlehood, I was terrified to the core. Walking to a crowded place was phobic, I felt like the whole world was moving except myself rooted deep on the spot. I frantically filled up my time to the brim, not allowing myself any me time. Yet at the end of each day, I trudged back to an empty home and began a long listless night of attempting to fall asleep. On lucky days, I tossed and turned till 2am before dozing off. On bad days, the thoughts and demons tormented my mind to the point I would talk/sing to myself to break the silence and calm my soul.

As the weeks past by, the shuteye did not get easier, however, I began to be more comfortable with being with myself. Just me and me. I grew to enjoy cooking elaborate meals just for myself and soaking in a hot, luxurious bath with sweet smelling salts. I realised me was not such a bad company for myself. Try spending a night with yourself and you will discover how good a company you are.

Before the comments start bombarding Sue. Let me clarify that she has so generously shared her blog with me and invited me to be the phantom guest writer. Till the next post…

Relationship / Marriage…
Mar 4th, 2011 by suehooi

Interesting post, huh? ( I know some people may be thinking – “oh is it about her?” ) Let’s see how well you actually know me then…

This is a subject that I have been widely exposed to since I am not young anymore, and most of the people I know are /have been through the different stages of life… single, dating, relationship, affairs, engagement, registration, marriage, pregnancy, miscarriage, seperation, divorce, death and so forth..

It is shocking when you hear the stories from people that you are so close with… to…. a third party story (friend’s of a friend)

It is these stories I have heard until today that I decided I need to pen down some thoughts and really give a thorough look at my own life… It is scary but it is an eye opening to me at how you will see a happy family at the outside but the real true misery is being hidden fear of judgement and gossips..

But seriously, things are changing. Even in the society’s perception and upbringing. Just sit down and think about our grandparents, parents to our friends out there now..

Just talk about love only.. relationship / marriage…. (sex? let’s not go into that topic….;))

What is divorce then? It is a word you should not even speak off. A taboo… It is embarassing and something families dont want to be associate with.  Now? You probably hear it very often when you catch up with friends – old or new.  It is like a standard conversation or topic.

“Hey, heard you and your partner has already register. Congratulations!”

“Oh… we DID! But things didnt work out…”

Conclusion of conversation:

last time – “Oh, you better not tell others…”

now – “Oh, well it is better now than later.. Dont worry mate, there are still other fishes out there to catch”

See the difference?

I know people whom got wedding preparations done and few months before the big event, it is off…

Majority reason to breakups, seperation or divorce is due to affairs (and this is for both genders…)

It made me really wonder, is affair becoming a norm in the society now? It is scary…

I for one believe in karma… A friend of mine is a goody two shoes, but she got cheated. Another cheated on the girlfriend /wife, but there is no karma (yet.. anyway.. touch wood coz they are a very lovely couple.) As for myself, I think my life is super chaotic, hence I am not looking for a smooth sailing path ahead of me…

Then you look back at your life, thank god I am not married yet.. But then you think about it, shit what if it happens to me. How will I handle it??!!!

No way I can be a bitch like this lady whom I really salute to. When I say bitch – it is a good meaning! She is married to a guy who is having an affair. The mistress called her to ask her to divorce her husband. Some woman can be so daring. That is a real bitch (bad meaning). But to handle this type of bad bitch you need another type of good bitch to tell her off. I need to learn the comebacks when someone calls you out from the blue and attacks your marriage. Shit! I salute and would like her to be my teacher for preparation ;) Are you interested to know what happened after the cat fights? She obviously won. And the mistress left. And now she is filling for a divorce. I assume taking kid and $$$$$$$$$…. Yay!!! Way to go, ma’am!

In this world we live in, personal or work, it is like business too… I eat you, you eat me. Is there a win-win situation anymore in our society now? It is more like a game of you play me, you will need to pay for it… A game that cost money, time and effort.

But then again there are also the other type that doesnt have anything to do with affair..

Today I met up with someone whom was telling me about her 10 years marriage that is rocking because the spark has kinda got lost somewhere… not to do with anyone but just missing… But they are pretty cool couple.. So it made me wonder, if a lovely couple can get married for so long and down the road the spark is slowly dying off, then is there such thing as marriage forever in our society now? I mean I always dream for a fairytale wedding and a forever marriage.. But all these stories you hear is not from newspaper, internet or khabar angin.. These are from people you know, you love and you care..

This also made me think back about a guy who is in a relationship for 10 years but has no intention to settledown just yet because he doesn’t think the relationship is going anywhere. But he also doesn’t want to break up with her. I keep saying it is unfair to her, him and etc… But then now I actually sat down and think about it again… Maybe I was wrong. He is right. Maybe he has a phobia like me now.. Why should we commit so soon when we have got so many more years ahead of us.. I start to realise his point of view and understand why he made that decision even I still dont agree but…seriously….

is it the food we eat? is it the work that stress us up that our mind also go haywire? what is wrong with us and our society? no one is to be blame but ourselves.. it is like a time-bomb..

think about all the changes in life from last time to now..

roberries – smashing windows of car on a broad daylight at the traffic lights. chopping of thumb for thumb scanning security

government – the stories you hear from people, internet, newspaper, WikiLeaks

marriage vs divorce vs affairs – you know, i know…

technology – we dont need to buy originals and pay such expensive price for it.. just download / pirated / hack… let’s not forget about imitations.

babies – boy, are they getting smarter and smarter nowadays compared to us last time. I remember when I was young we will never answer our parents back, listen to whatever crap there was and etc… Now.. my niece started to use sms and calling her parents at the age of 4 or 5. my nephew will bang his head on the floor or watever that is near him if he doesnt get what he wants. kids now attend classes at the age of 1.5 years old… the best part is that - kids now can NEGOTIATE!

I just am amazed with the changes and at the same time worry about the future that holds for us for the next generation. I’ve not even talked about mother nature!!!!! :(

These are facts of life we need to accept and go through as we grow older… But I never expect the experience we gained and have to go through in future is so complicated, confusing and challenging..

Getting older is not easy! Getting married is like a dream come true. Going through marriage is challenging. Bringing up kids is a commitment. Getting old is our life and death…

I am now thinking back what people use to say, studying is peanut, wait till you work.. Then now you hear, dont get marry so fast, enjoy your freedom or your singlehood first… And next stage is dont get pregnant so fast, enjoy your marriage first..

Gees… life is indeed like a box of chocolate!!! We never know what we gonna get…

Here I am…
Mar 4th, 2011 by suehooi

Finally stopped work.. There were the pros and cons.. I learned from it, the experience I gained, the knowledge I gained, the eye opening situations and etc….

I guess one thing I still have to learn is handling situation and overcoming barriers.

Even you run away from one problem, the problem will finally catch up with you when you let your guards down. You will need to deal with it whether you like it or not. Face it like a man!

I guess life is indeed full of challenges and surprises.. If you can’t handle your problems, I guess the problem will handle you. So either you beat it first, or it will eat you first… ;)

I have to admit, my life is not as great as it seems to be. Never say it was. Just that people conceal their problems in order to blend in with the society. I have a dramatic life – that is what my friends say. Everytime they see me or talk about me, they will laugh and shake their head… “Sue… Sue…” Indeed I can’t defend myself on that part.. And one friend told me “I can never get bored with your interesting life stories. You should go write a book about it”

But these few months I have been a bit of a low profile. Not sure if it is the mid life crisis shit or I am just having the thinking hat on. Those that knows about it, some are against my idea / decision but some are backing me up. But since the thinking hat been so loyal to me these few months, I decided to take another turn in life…

The “another turn in life” is not only because of the thinking hat but also the problems faced by people I know. There came my analytical hat. Faith – How strong can you be? Time – When do you walk away? Confidence – If she or he can do it, why can’t you?  Challenge – How do you make everyone happy including yourself? Priorities – Love or Career?

I came to a point that enough is enough when I thought about the problems other people were going thru.. I feel that I took my life for granted. Love – I envy those whom are so strong with their life decision. Health – Despite the problem they dont take time off but go through it with courage and faith.  Money – They find other ways to sustain their income and think of new ideas. Happiness – They put up their brave smile and laughter in front of everyone else.

Well, the decision is yours to make. Not others. Others can only give you advice, listen and be guidance. Ultimately, the path you choose and decide, hard or easy is yours to make. To live or not to live is also your decision. No one ever will say “My life is free from problems!”

That is why GOD gave us all that is needed to overcome the challenges of life:

Brain – to think

Mouth – to talk

Ear – to listen

Nose – to take deep breath when things are hot

Hands – to give or take both problems and solutions

Legs – to crawl, walk, run or sit on/from the problems and solutions

Heart – to feel the bitterness, sweetness, sourness and spiciness in life…

I am back again….
Jan 30th, 2011 by suehooi

Where? Not in China for sure… ;)

Why? I met up with a friend from Sydney yesterday. He has not changed since I first knew him… Very analytical… He is in Risk Management.. I guess his job really suit him well.. Anyway, he told me to go back to blogging and start my facebook… So if you see a facebook with my photo, I didnt create it.. He’s like the 4th person I know offered to create an account for me.. (Cheryll, Hou Cher, Syikin are the other few that I remembered…)

Anyway, he said since I already blog on China, then maybe I should blog on my next destination…Maybe he should help me blog since he’s been travelling so much and he said that he has so much time on hand.. He just came back from a 7 weeks holiday in South America. Boy, was the photos beautiful…And now he’s off to Bali! I wish I can have such a laid back life.. Yeah, australia is a cool place to be… Hope he’ll listen to us to start making babies soon..Yay!

Oh better not yay too much… I feel so so bad for forgetting an important event yesterday, my class reunion.. My other classmate only told me or asked me about 12ish. I was like how come I dont know anything about it.. Then when he mentioned the venue, it hit me…shit! I forgot yesterday was 29th..I told them dont worry i’ll definately be there.. and it totally slipped my mind… Aargh… I was supposed to call and apologize but i procrastinated it…even till now..

I think I need ginko pills…What is wrong with me? My friend told me she has been forgetful since she delivered.. That’s a reasonable excuse..But what’s my excuse? Am I really getting old? Yeah, I am denying reality.. Trying to still live in my dream world… 

Oh, I think I had 20 over spam comments since the last I log in… Most of them were from China.. There were some that doesnt seem like spam, but I dont know how to differentiate them.. So any one that I dont know, I just deleted them.. How do you know it’s spam? I mean some are pretty obvious.. but some they just say like way to go… nice reading your blog.. But how did they get my blog when I dont allow searches on my blog.. Hehe.. There’s a function not to post blog on google..

Should I start blogging again? Some are pretty personal and friends suggested to create an anonymous blog. But knowing me, I am so so lazy to have 2 accounts…Oh well, we’ll see how things goes before I blog again…

Jun 22nd, 2010 by suehooi

Just cant keep the news to myself.. Congrats on the twin babies… Shit.. It is awesome.. Just that the pocket has got a bigger hole now with the surprised… I am so so excited.. How cool is that? Seeing double.. Think on the bright side, you only need to go through labor once for the price of two… *hugs and kisses*

Merez, heard you’ve been very charming and entertaining..

Kaiton, you are so so adorable and cute….. Cant’ wait to see you…

Ms Kee, how’s the tummy doing?

Ms Chin, heard you are expecting finally….. Congrats… Dont know the details yet….

Ms Lo, I wont be attending your wedding, obviously but hope you reserved a wedding card for me…

Mr Chew, how’s Peggy doing?  

Mr Chan, how’s the preparation going? Need help from China?! :P

Ms Tan, dont worry about Kayu… There are lots of forest/kayu in M’sia…

Ms Xu, hope you are doing well in Beijing…

Jun 2nd, 2010 by suehooi


每天上班。我每天自己问问 工作是什么?






1.  工作是什么?


2.  公司为了什么?


3.  为了谁?





Gambate Kudasai!


你的回答 很简单。谢谢。






谢谢 做名单给我们。辛苦了。




怎么想对工作? 要看你的意思是什么吧。。如果是关系工作的文化呢,那我觉得学外国的文化比较好吧。。对我们雇员是好的。。对雇主是不太好吧。。外国人的文化是很简单。做工时间是根据working hours based on employment contract. No more, no less. Asian countries,有不一样的看法. 每次都要加班。加更多是好的雇员。有两种雇员。1. Work fast and efficiently. Don’t need to work overtime. But work may be sloppy. 2. Slow and waste company resources. Cannot finish work so need to work extra hours. Small companies prefer if you work longer hours coz no enough employees. Bigger companies want you to finish work on time coz after office hours, company need to pay more money for overtime salary, electricity and etc…

In Asian countries, boss or higher position people like yourself are required to work longer hours to set the examples for your employees. 很难说怎么样对工作是好的还设不好的。每个人有不一样的想法。如果要让老板高兴,你的家人不高兴。要让家人高兴,老板不高兴。那谁比较重要呢?家人是爱人。工作是要得到钱给他们和自己。所以,人的生活很有意思。很多东西会让你不满意。不满意所以我们还要继续坚持。如果满意的话,明天感到无聊了,生活没什么意思因为我们得到了我们要的东西。人的性格很奇怪。生活里没挑战人觉得很无聊。面临挑战的时,人觉得太难,太累,太复杂。战胜了困难和挑战,人一定要找别的事情来做。 人大概过他们的生活这样吧。工作也差不多这样的想法吧。。



What have I been up to?
Jun 2nd, 2010 by suehooi

Hey… I was just chatting with a friend and he was suggesting it is to blog in Chinese… And my teacher gave us an assignment which is to write to her an email in Chinese. Of course with the standard writing format and etc… So I will post up the things I write just to amuse you with my broken Chinese.. :P

Oh… to cut things short, I have been “baby sitting many people” lately… :( So I have been busy, not enough rest, not enough time for myself and etc… That is why I am now finally sick AGAIN! That “baby sitting” term came from a friend whom I was chatting with recently.. Haha.. Thanks for that term!

If you can read Chinese have fun (you can see some corrections made by my teacher too… ):




  再(在)想想,感冒是一个借口。我听说过,“如果你可以起床,那你 就可以上班或者上课(吧)。”唉,糟糕!没办法,命苦呀。算了吧,老师,我后天再把作业给老师吧。






Guides and tips on Chinese dating etiquette…
May 15th, 2010 by suehooi

Interesting what people will post online for foreigners to read online… Being a “laowai” here in China, we need to know their dating etiquettes as well… They actually tell you those things… I wonder if a Chinese from China goes overseas do they get a similiar dating etiquettes to guide them as well… I would really be interested to know what it says…. :) *LOL*

SOURCE: China Hush by CC

The process of courtship in China seems to be much more important than the process of courtship in the United States. While there is a lot more sexual activity among younger Chinese, a lot of Chinese girls still expect the utmost courtesy and respect when a male is seeking their affection, especially if the goal is to be in a relationship. Below, you will find a guide in the form of a table to interpreting “signs” in how a guy asks a girl out on a date and his actions during and after the date. 

A term commonly used among girls to describe men with a knack for courtship is “ϸÐÄ” (translated: careful, attentive, meticulous) and I think this is very much the case. In the U.S., I think girls talk about guys who are “sensitive” but it’s not quite the same thing. I found the following table on Renren as a guide to dating and after looking at it: I concluded that what’s easy to do is also easy not to do. And sometimes that makes all the difference.   

(Click on the picture to see the full size)


  1. This is a sincere beginning and it shows that he has thought about asking you out far in advance. At least, it shows that he is well-versed in social manners.
  2. This man probably suddenly felt lonely, if you are lonely too, and don’t mind “striking matches to make fire” then go for it.
  3. If you find yourself in these circumstances you should gauge the personality of the man. If he is honest and a bit naive, it means that he still does not know the rules of a single date, so he hopes to bring a friend for cover. If he is talkative and outgoing, then this outing might just be a little social gathering that he wants to plan, or he wants to help his friend get a date.
  4. Don’t even think about it, he’s just using you as a “diving board” to get to know your friend – whether or not you become a bridesmaid is up to how magnanimous you are.
  5. Picking a place like this that is free, or a place where you do not stay very long shows that he does not necessarily expect your relationship to go very far, but just to test his luck. If things go well, he might arrange for other outings, but if he doesn’t like how things are going he’ll leave right after he finishes his cup of coffee.
  6. Picking a traditional date place like this shows that he really values this date. He wants to stay longer and spend more time getting to know you.
  7. If the first date is at a place like this, he just wants a playmate. Everyone will have a good time, but that’s probably about it.
  8. If he asks you out to a place like this, its not really that he is frivolous, but he sees you as a very uninhibited woman.
  9. An impatient, inappropriate and petty man. He thinks that any woman who dines with him should want to have sex with him.
  10. It’s pretty clear at this point, he won’t really think about you much after this. Its best if you don’t contact each other anymore, or there might be self-pitying going on.
  11. He still has a little hope for you, he has that little bit of feeling for you but he’s unsure, or he’s just being polite. Overall, the chances of things developing aren’t too high.
  12. This is something a very polite man would do, but he probably does not have any feelings for you.
  13. He does have manners, waits until the last moment to express his true desires, it’s much better than a one-night stand. So whether or not you hook-up with him is up to you – if you do hook-up, the chances you continue dating are about 30%, 50% chance you guys become friends with benefits, 20% chance that the next day both of you will pretend that nothing has happened.
  14. Congratulations, this man has done the “right thing” from the very beginning of asking you out. It shows he respects you 100% and there is also a 100% chance that he likes you. This is very likely to be the beginning of a great relationship, you should decide whether or not you want to accept.
Women = Problems?
May 15th, 2010 by suehooi

I read this online…

  • To find a woman you need time and money:

             Woman = Time x Money

  • “Time is money”:

            Time = Money

  • Therefore:

             Woman = Money x Money ; Woman = (Money)2    

  • “Money is the root of all problems”

              Money = 

  • Conclusion:

               (Money)2    =

              Woman = Problems

An arguement was that “money is not the root of all problems, the LOVE of money is the root of all evil (that cause the problems).”

New stuff…
Apr 29th, 2010 by suehooi

China beggars are actually not that poor….

I was going back after dinner and saw a man on the street. He’s either homeless or a beggar. Well he was not really begging for money and he’s definately not just squatting / sitting by the street like the “normal” Chinese people…. Couldnt help to notice, he was carrying an LV bag…

China people dont know the feeling of “pain”….

I came back (The current place I live now, needs access card to tap to come in /an intercom panel for the security door) and was about to come in the door and realised there was blood on the system panel..  If your hand was bleeding, logically you would use another hand (that is not hurt) to key in the number on the system panel, right? Unless both your hands are bleeding then different story.. But if both hands bleeding you would go seek medical treatment first, right? Out of the 12 buttons 9 of it was covered with blood stain.. 

China vs Malaysia….

I was reading about the shooting of the kids in Shah Alam.. I dont understand the big fuss.. IF the paper did not publish of his age, instead had it written “ One male was shot during a police pursuit…” vs “Teenager shot during a police pursuit” would that make a huge difference?! That is definately a YES!!!!

Let’s not talk about age for this moment.. As you would only know his age after a person is caught or in this case “dead”… But just the fact TWO accomplice ran few lights, allegedly tried to reverse the car he was driving into policemen in a bid to escape – as a police would you not have fired shots? Would you not think that he definately had done something wrong? He is scared is another thing.. But we dont know what he was thinking at that time – just speculations.. But as a policeman’s duty – would you not have done something? I mean maybe not shot him directly on his heart (I assumed that is how it would coz someone his/her life. I know head also can kill someone but I dont think police will be so stupid to aim for the head.) but legs or something.. OR maybe police mis-aimed. I dont know where he was shot.. But the fact I think there is nothing wrong with policeman firing shots during this type of situation…I would think… for police to chase a car, they would have asked him to stop or they will shoot kind of thing. If you dont stop, you leave police no choice.

During this pursuit, I would not think you are a small kid / teenager / underage / most importantly I would not think oh let’s check how old is he first before I start firing!!!! I would think he’s running away, he must have done something wrong! If you are scared, you would just surrender instead of getting into a wild goose chase. OR maybe pee in the pants. If you can run lights you are not scared then or either you are purely plain dumb! There are 2 of you in the car (and if you were really a teenager…) you think you can outbeat the few police cars?(Assumed there is more than one police car from the sentence: “….after he had sped off and run through several red lights before being stopped by patrol cars.”)

So who asked for it? You or the policeman? I mean… to be in that situation of making the police officers to open fire?! And dont blame the police entirely for it. I am not saying the police is right but it is not their fault entirely too… Not forgetting you making the police chase you at 2am in the morning?!

You hear about how robbers/ thieves or etc is getting more more violent even in housing areas. Hey man, my dad was hit and robbed with a PARANG knife by 2 MALES on a motorbike during broad daylight in our car porch!!!! No where is safe now with lots of changes in this modern society.

So why the big fuss? Just because after he is shot dead, we realised he is a teenager?! That is just plain too bad for you to put people in this situation. It is your own wrong doing. Sorry I cannot help it but I feel bad for the police who was also trying to do his duty. If because of this one incident in future policeman are so cautions not to use their weapon, then probably the bad people who are more daring will outbeat the police whose main duty is to keep our place safe..

Seriously, would you think of a person’s age during a situation like this?! It is only after the incident which is a bit too late then…. But should it be an older person, it is ok for police to fire shots. You hear sometimes, male shot dead in pursuit with police – this is ok. You probably would think- Wow! Police well done! Now you would say the same thing BUT AFTER YOU REALISED IT IS A TEENAGER, you think – Oh, police too much kill teenager! I mean why the sudden change of thoughts? Would you really think that the police would PURPOSELY KILLED / SHOT the guy if police knew he was a teenager age of 15? I am sure we are all humans and we make mistakes whether we want or not. If during that pursuit I knew he was only 15, of course I would not fire shots. But that will be the last thing in your mind during that situation. Now teenagers are more daring also, not only adults…

I am sure the police feels guilty and bad or watever. He probably loose his job for this. He probably remember this for the rest of his entire life – While doing my duty – what I am trained to do or my aim to keep bad people off the street, I ACCIDENTALLY killed a small kid / teenager! I mean think about it if you were in the police’s position. Even the public dont punish you and critise you, you would feel real crap about your mis-judgement / wrong doing which was not done on purpose. We humans good or bad have feelings. So shouldn’t we also sympathise the police man as well? Who wanted all this happened? I am sure if knowing the fact he is a teenager before the shooting spree, the police would not have killed him. It was an accident for goodness sake!!!

I read “Students’ association turns to Facebook for justice” – this will only happen after we find out he is a teenager. When we find out he is a teenager, isn’t it a bit too late? Sometimes things in life, what is done cannot be undone. As much as we always pray nothing like this would not happen, but if it happens both parties must be blamed. Not only one side! Takes TWO hands to clap, man!

And I read this ”Shahrizat: Use firearms only as last resort” – I mean the car tried to reverse the car he was driving into policemen that also endangers the policemen’s life. So how else is this not the last resort?! I mean what, wait till this so called “teenager – again at that time we know he was a guy, we still dont know his age!” reverse and kill one policeman then ONLY the policemen can start shooting?!

Seriously it is unbelieveable.. Humans always see the worst of everything. Human always see the after effect. But not during the time when the incident occured. Who on their right mind would think of a suspect to be underage? Unless he was wearing school uniform! (Maybe those “adult” robbers and etc whom want to do illegal stuff should start wearing school uniform coz police will not be allowed to shoot you, thinking you are a teenager! Who wants to start school uniform business with me?! It may be a good business to get in now…)

Society complains – human being sexist! Now we not have only sexist or racist but we have age-ist / agist! You can do whatever if you are teenager as you would be let out the hook easier. Dont know if you all realise, the modern society is changing.. Even the younger ones are getting more and more daring and commiting crimes, if we keep treating them like small kids, they will definately outbeat the older generation in commiting crimes. During our days (Yes, I am getting OLD!) would we have teenagers commiting crimes? Probably petty crimes but not like driving cars running lights and etc… Yes we probably speed and do run lights at times, but I am sure if I did commit crime and I am being chased by police I will stopped or some shit. IF I am scared and decide to run off I probably hit something and get into an accident myself. I would be kelam kabut to be able to run the lights and have the right state of mind to reverse my car into the police. Which in other words, I would surrender as I have no other choice. If I can run so far from the police I must be hell one good of a crime offender!  

If you can think like an adult to try your very best to run away from police, then you should suffer the consequences like an adult. (And by that I dont mean shot dead! What I mean is that dont look only at a small part that he is a teenager or his age, but the fact that he broke the law. Whatever he did, we dont know but it is never good to run away from police especially at night or 2am in the morning! You just give police a bad feeling and make them want to hunt you down…) Again, if you think you are a kid, then dont do what an adult would do – run away from police knowing you did something wrong whether it was only driving without a license or watever… you will just make matter worst.

There is no one right or wrong in this situation. It is the matter of a situation that lead to a bad ending. It was an accident! We cannot just blame entirely on the police for this. The victim whether he is dead or alive (Sorry, dont mean to be harsh but it is a fact!) he has his own wrong doing also. Just because he is dead and cant be punish we  decide to punish the policeman since he is still alive?! I mean where is the justice? Police probably loose his job or quit after the incident due to the public outcry. He is just doing his job. (I again assumed he took the necessary steps prior to shooting… And the necessary steps I also dont mean that the police needed to know his age as it is not important at that time when the incident occured. Unless of course, the police had a clear vision of him and knowing he was a teenage and decided to shoot him anyway, then that is so so wrong!) And if his family depends on him for financial support, what about his innocent family that loose the breadwinner in the family? And what is he going to do after he looses his job?

When you look for job, have you commited a crime or etc… You say yes, you think a company will give you a job? It is reality here.. Most company will tell you, oh it wont affect your application, you think so?! We all feel for the kid but what about the police that was only doing his duty and responsibility? Humans always like to blame others or more like in everything, someone has to be blamed for something…

(PS. If the police was on drug or alcohol then I will take back all my words I wrote! I would assume here that police was in the right state of mind to carry out his duty as a police officer serving us, the civilians and the country!)

Let’s take the case scenarios of:

1. An illegal immigrant short but looks young probably about 20 and he only took somebody’s car (car is not stolen) out for a spin but he doesnt have a driving license. He was shot dead during a pursuit with the police.

2. A teenager that looks like 20 and he only took somebody’s car (car is not stolen) out for a spin but he doesnt have a driving license. He was shot dead during a pursuit with the police.

These 2 scenarios, being a police on duty at night you would do what you are trained to do as a police officer…you only knew he is a guy and leading you to a wild goose chase? Would you even think of his age at that time? What will be in your mind? Of course if you had time to think he was a teenager, you would have acted differently. Yes, double standard do apply in our society…

And the 2 scenarios, would the public acted differently knowing the after event that one is illegal immigrant and one is local Malaysian? Or more like would public acted differently if the guy was not a teenager? Who would think he was a teenager during the shooting? We see all these as after the incident already happened which is too late… What if we look at it during the event duration?

And if police actually let a criminal loose as in if it was a criminal that killed people and etc… (We dont know who we are battling with until the suspect is caught or dead…) and it came out in the newspaper, wont we be worried and blamed the police for their ineffeciency? How come didnt shoot him? (Maybe police should use the excuse next time, oh i was worried he was a teenager so i didnt pull my weapon or didnt shoot him!) What I mean is we wont know who we are dealing with at the battle field until it has ended in other words a bit too late then..  But people should not be punished for the after fact.

If every policeman needs to go check the age of a civilian that breaks the law then rather not have them carry guns. Or is it police should be trained in any type of situation ” First, go to the suspect and ask “Hey, how old are you?” I’m 15. “Ok, nobody shoot if you dont want to be condemned by the public!” If the suspect replies “I’m 20 or so” “Ok, you can shoot, we will be praised by the public for our courage, bravery and keeping the place in harmony; Kill him as there will be less bad people in the country!” 

Or maybe… just ask the civilian ”How old are you?” And if it was a really bad person “Bang!” Police will die first since he cant fire his shots before checking his age! So overall the bad people will outbeat the police then since police will all die first before the bad ones… (Assuming the bad people are not going to worry if the police is younger than them or whatever age they are!)

I am not saying the teenager is good or bad. I dont know what he has commited but just the fact be fair to the police also, who was just carrying out his duty as a police officer. I am not judging on the crime teenager commited but just judging the fact we make a big big fuss that a teenager got shot by a policeman whom probably didnt even realise or know he was a teenager. I believe that nobody wanted it to happen that way. The boy didnt expect to bump into the police officers or get caught and definately not expect to be dead. And the police didnt expect the victim he shot was actually only a teenager.

All these things that happened are our own doing in life.. We made the choices in life. We choose to do something. The choice we made, makes the decision for us. The decision will lead to consequences in life.. No one is to be blamed except ourselves. Others can influence our choices / decisions but if we follow others it is the choice we choose, they didnt make the decision for us. We were not strong enough to make our decision that is why we let others to decide for us.

Actually…. hmmm… I think it is a brilliant idea.. From now on… Only the teenagers commiting crimes can get off the hook since they are not an adult. A very good practice so they can learn to be dangerous when they are teenager and when they become an adult they would master the skill of being a mafia type.. We should learned from the mafia style - they follow their older family members to be in the mafia society… So, be bad when you are a teenager as police has no right to kill you since you are underage!

Way to go Malaysia! We will definately reach our WAWASAN 2020!!!!

Chinese characters – I give up!
Apr 28th, 2010 by suehooi

Damn man… The more I read, recognise, memorise or whatever the more confused I get…

数and楼, 周and 调, 高兴and 喜欢, 跟and 路, 银,谢,and身, 体and 休息, 休息 and 意思, 彩 and 菜(both has similiar pronunciation), 音 and 首, 力,边,为,办 and 方 – looks similiar but different pronunciation, 心,辛,信,新-  all similiar pronunciation.心 xin means the heart,辛 is xin but add with another word means xingfu (hapiness) ,信 it means letter (xin) but also use as believe (xiang xin), confident (zixin) – i thought feelings have to do with heart so should have the heart radical or something like that but nope….新 this is also xin as in new !

*sigh* this time really 越学越笨。成功变了失败. We usually say practice makes perfect.. But I think in Chinese practice makes you dumber and dumber.. Gives you more headache and confusion. You write so much that the earlier ones you forget or you mixed them up.. The Chinese people all I know here keeps telling me English is also hard. Yes in certain extend but our words are just Roman characters.. It just have one way to spell or pronounce things ( I dont mean like aire and air or etc…) Chinese, you have radicals and Roman characters. Each can have more than one pronunciation, and each tone also means different stuff.. For example in English: “Hey!” The way you pronounce it shows your mood (Try it.. when you are angry, when you are down, when you are happy, when you are surprise, when you are confused). But it has the same meaning. Chinese – hell NO! Different tones, up, down, short, long all different meaning. And not only that. let’s take my favourite word (According to my friends it is “ma”) That particular words has so many different meanings.. Different radicals eg. 马(horse)吗(used when you asked questions) 嘛 (dont know how to explain this, maybe particle?) And example if I use it wrongly it means something else? Ni gan ma – What are you doing vs Are you having sex) It is tone and radical used.. I think in my previous entry there is a topic on it.. In english, I guess it is the word “doing”  What are you doing vs Are you doing it.

Aargh.. I dont know.. Chinese is confusing.. I had to memorise and practice writing about 300 over characters for exam today…  I went to exam and forgot how to write fengsu, mingzu, jingcai and worst of all, I didnt know how to write xie (write) (again xie xie and xie is same Roman characters but different meaning. 1st is thank you. 2nd is write) My mind totally went blank..  I know it has the ma (horse) radicals but just couldnt think about it… Annoying! If only we can bring in laptop and type the answers in the pc for exams…

Exam wasnt that hard except probably making sentences and the grammar.. The whole class had trouble with one particular question (Of course my teacher is very nice to tell us as she walks around the class – wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong! wrong!….) Q: 星期天你想做什么?(Your answer must have the word : 什么 and it has to be 不定的 structure/grammar) Translation: Q What do you want to do on Sunday? 什么 – “what”. The structure has to be something like not definate plan…Dont know how to explain) Our teacher gave us clues.. MUST NOT HAVE 就,都,也不 or was it 也,不(see again- 也不 means something else and if you use 也 and 不 seperately it also means something else ) in your sentence. Cannot say 什么也行。Who can give me the answer? (I already know the answer as I asked my teacher after class for the answer!)

Gees, man! Annoying learning Chinese… How can you all know all the characters and structures? English is definately easier…

I find out new things everyday…
Apr 25th, 2010 by suehooi

Today supposed to be studying for my exams but obviously I didnt do much…Friend wanted helped in getting a double baby stroller. They have been looking for it since they first arrived until now.. I felt bad coz they did asked me a few times but I really didnt know where to get it.. You know, here is only one child policy.. And I think for them to ask me again over the weekend I assumed they really really needed it so decided to take couple of hours off to help them. Today was a good weather so it is ok… Double stroller here cost RMB1434 after discount… Pretty expensive.. Also I learned a new thing “Rooster Chair” – for kids… And China version is this so called rooster chair can turn into table and chair. Rooster chair is a high chair / baby chair I call it used for when eating.. And it is detachable and can be carried around (Western stlye) China style you can put it on the ground or another normal adult chair and the based can be turned into a table.. Interesting, huh? Cost about RMB190 the cheapest and it goes up to RMB400.

And sad to say, I didnt go for my gelati ice cream which I have been craving for all these years since I left Melbourne… I remembered while in Melbourne I would eat it at least once a week.. Even during winter! Shit, I miss the cool stuff on Lygon Street… Damn!

And I didnt go for the single’s party yesterday… Coz I saw the date wrongly.. Trust China website.. They put what’s on in Xiamen which would make you think the coming up activities or so… So when you read, this Saturday… you think it will be this weekend.. But obviously if you know me well enough, you know how blur I can be at times.. My friend decided to double check on my behalf (so much of trusting me, huh?! Haha.. joking….) and it was actually on 31st January 2010! Duh?!?!

And last but not least… I was missing home and all.. I suddenly missed a lot of things back home.. So I decided to bypass the proxy to access youtube, blogs, friendsters and etc… (no i still dont have facebook and etc…) Interesting when you have all these you find out things that you dont know.. or maybe not supposed to know… Sad, huh?! Yeah, dont want to think about it anymore… That is why sometimes having all this facebook/friendster is not so cool afterall….

Anyway, I went to youtube to listen to my cousin’s old songs… I suddenly missed listening to their old songs… Haha.. 

山脚下男孩…. More like hokkien songs…or chinese songs… or whatever…

Ah Niu is quite well known here in China for some reason dont know why.. Wonder if there will be others like him that will be popular outside of M’sia…

Oh, my dearest buddy! Walau eh….He actually called me “old” and “banana” in his blog! How nice?! I only just found out yesterday night.. And I think he took out that video recording of me already.. Haha…. Not sure if he still have it up on youtube though.. Coz I know he said he will post it up but I really thought it was just a joke… Hmm.. maybe I will go look it up.. So silly… Haha… I think my Chinese have improved… :P But of course cannot beat you guys la.. you guys spoke Chinese for so damn long.. I just started.. 还不够流利。。Anyway, I think he has started his own side business.. So if anyone interested can go check it out… 

I guess that also explains how come many people access my website also.. Apparently another friend of mine whom helped me with my website told me lots of people accessing my website and I told him cant be true or must have been a mixed up as I dont have many friends and I only gave this website to friends that I know only.. Close friends.. Hmmm.. Now I really need to be careful with what I write…  

Study time!

Apr 24th, 2010 by suehooi

The weather here is really havoc.. One day cold one day hot one day raining one day super windy…

Exams is drawing near… Actualy freaking near.. like 3 days time… :( *sigh* Did I tell you I hate exams?!

Tomorrow got gelati ice-cream a scoop for RMB5.00. Only tomorrow promotion… Study or eat? Which is more important? Normal price is RMB20.00 per scoop… Damn! Decisions…

Oh, my teacher’s surprise birthday party went well besides the fact a so called inmatured gal ruining the atmosphere and making everyone feel bad and wasting people’s whole day the next day…. Oh some ppl are just so so inconsiderate…Dinner could have been better… No one could sing the New Kids On The Block’s birthday song unfortunately… Got my teacher semi high… Felt a bit bad after coz the next day all of us had 8am class….

Want to hear boring story? It is your teacher’s surprise birthday party. We wanted to take a group photo. Somebody needs to capture the kodak moment but everybody wanted to be in the photo. The waiter / waitress are useless they dont know how to use the camera.. (Oh, I am surprised one of my classmate doesnt even know how to hold or used the camera! Shit.. Sorry but i just had to express my disbelief… Even my mom knows which is the front of back of the camera.. But of course I was being nice, I didnt say anything but just to guide through the procedure..I guess that is why the person doesnt have an email too…)

Anyway, back to my story, so a gentleman decided to take the group photo for us.. But unfortunately, he accidentally sat on one of the cameras on the chair as he was moving backwards trying to fit everyone in the photo.. And one of the camera lense couldnt’ close back.. And obviously owner was upset and pulled a super long black face. Gentleman said he will pay for the cost to fix the camera.. So it is fair enough.. But it wasn’t good enough for her… Judging from her looks, thought she was about 19 or so.. So small kids, dont bother… And myteacher felt bad and offered her camera to student and take camera to fix tomorrow. And right after she passed camera to my teacher, she took her things and left. Everyone felt uncomfortable. And gentleman can’t speak english but chinese. Gal cant speak chinese but english.. So went after her n apologize and etc… Apparently gal did not accept apology. No smile nothing and just left… no acknowledgement at all.. Told him not to worry as it is a small matter. But of course everything is easier said than done…  

Why such small thing can turn to such big thing? Next day, met my teacher and said I will go with her to fix the camera. She said no. I insisted as I wanted to attend one of this paper cutting class in the afternoon so might as well fixed the camera and then go class.. So teacher said ok.. Apparently, another 2 friends also wanted to follow.. Everyone felt bad except for the owner of the camera i think.. My teacher felt bad coz it was her that is why we had a party. The gentleman felt bad obviously for damaging the camera. (Honestly, the camera was not broken. Only just need to fix the lense to go in.. It is really not like something cracked or dented or photos were gone or etc…) I felt bad coz I was the organizer, I planned for the surprise party, I invited those ppl… Another friend felt bad coz it was her that I invited that gentleman. Another friend felt bad coz I was the one to ask him to invite gentleman to the party…

Anyway, after the party, obviously tired and all.. Slept late. Next day had 8am class. After class, afternoon we had lunch, go fix camera, took few hours, went for class.. finished my class at 6.30pm. Then surprise… gentleman and another friend showed up coz they feel bad for the camera… And decided to go dinner togeher.. I said ok… Since they were at the uni.. They decided to go fancy nice restaurant… Ok.. Bump into another friend. Had long chat and dinner.. Only to find out they paid for dinner coz of the incident. And we all feel bad all over again.. Coz of one thing, everyone had to spend so much time and money… So decided to forget whole thing and we’ll have few rounds of dinner in future together and we’ll take turn to buy dinner.. Went home late and was tired… Dinner was really interesting though… The things that we chat about and how people with different culture and thinking is so different yet interesting.. Met a very nice guy during dinner with an interesting future.. Wonder how he’ll be in the next couple of years after knowing his interesting story.. Good luck!

Oh, in the afternoon as we were heading to fix the camera I had to apologize to my teacher for the mess I semi-created..And I told her honestly I was a bit surprised with the small kids attitude… And she told me also, she was actually quite surprised too.. The fact that the small kid is not small kid.. She’s 25 and is married! Gees.. And I thought she was from Germany.. But obviously I thought wrong too… From somewhere that if you know the name you will go “No wonder…” Coz I told my teacher “怪不得她的态度是这样的。。”

Glad it is over.. Dont want to think about it anymore..

Been thinking a lot about my career and future…

Something I need to keep in mind…

  1. 画蛇添足 (Moral of the story above…)
  2. 南辕北辙 (For my future…..)
  3. 世上无难事,只怕有心人。。  (My philosophy…)
Apr 13th, 2010 by suehooi

Went for coffee with some friends over the weekend.. Talking about Xiamen life. A friend was complaining that life is really boring here as there is nothing to do and etc… My argument is that everywhere is the same. What is there to do for example in Malaysia compared to here: Mamak, Clubbing, Movie, Driving to places… My argument: We have tea houses substitution for mamak, clubbing, pubs and bars –many here too, movie –they have a 3D cinema here what more can you ask for. Chinese movies? Well it is a Chinese speaking country, what do you expect? China to change the movies to English just because you don’t understand Chinese? That’s what we are here for – learn Chinese.. And for the record, there is English movies here but limited, driving to places – we can do it here too IF you have car that belongs to probably your parents (well, they are students and have not worked yet, so I assumed back home they will be using parents car like during our Uni time…)

I told my friend, life is about choices we make… IF we think our life is boring, then it is coz we chose that path of life. He said life is too routine. Everything is routine wherever we are. It has nothing to do with the fact that we are in China. If we don’t want a routine lifestyle, then we need to take the extra mile and effort to make the changes in our life… No one can make changes in our life except ourselves. Other people can only influence the changes but not change it for us. It is how we live our life that determine our future and choices vice versa.. Friends are important too. If you have boring friends, I guess then life will be boring. If you have happening friends, then of course your life is happening. Logic right?

Hence, we cant just sit there and wait for something to happen for us. We have to make things to happen. My friend didn’t want to do anything with the stagnant lifestyle but say it is Xiamen – a boring place.. True to a certain extent, but if it is boring then stop sitting at home going online and sleep sleep sleep.. Go out with friends, get to know more people, organize things or activities to go somewhere… or do something.. Last semester was fun coz people had the initiative to organize activities. But now no one wants to do it, you think life is boring? Why not do something about it instead of being miserable about it?

My friends wanted to come visit me here.. I said please do.. but there is nothing to do here… ;) So I asked a friend whom have been here for a while what is there to do here.. This is the reply: “Oh, there’s a lot… Gulangyu, Nanputo, Zhong Shan Lu, adapting to China’s spitting culture and all those interesting culture shocked I went through when I first arrived in China, get cheated by China people, enjoy the not so yummy food, see how there is nothing much to do here….”

FYI: I needed to share more eye opener experience I have seen or just remembered – that I have not shared with you guys….

  1.  Today I was walking to the bus stop after dinner. It just rained. Roads of course there is pot holes here and there… And everywhere is wet, puddle of water here and there, water in the pot hole.. And there was just this guy, right in the middle of the road at the traffic lights (no there was no cars then) washing his hands in the puddle of water from the pot hole… REALLY WASHING /CLEANING HIS HANDS!!!
  2. You think China is dirty? The people here actually wipe / clean –really really with a cloth, bucket of water and soap – clean the public dustbin! Have you ever seen this in other places? I definitely have not seen it in Australia and Malaysia. Not even when I travel around other countries.. They also clean the escalator handles, railings… At the highway/freeway, they also really clean the handles and railings! Don’t play play with China’s cleanliness!!!!!
  3. I was on my way to check out a yoga class. So happened it was school time. Students were back from lunch (China is interesting… By the way, I should stop using the word China as I am generalizing basing on Xiamen. It is different every part of China I think.. So correction – IF I USE CHINA IT MOST LIKELY MEAN XIAMEN! – Anyway, students start school about 8am. 11.30am -2.30pm lunch time. And they don’t have canteen. Kindergarten, primary or high school. Students have to be taken back home, baby sit by another group of nannies / care taker for that hours break. School has to be emptied. In Uni, that is our break time too but of course we have cafeterias and etc… but lecturers and etc are all close for them to take an afternoon nap. According to my teacher, it is a healthy living lifestyle and it is supposed to be good for concentration.)Ok.. so it was crowded at the school entrance. Then you know, like in KL near school gates, there are people selling whatever… food and etc… making monies from these students… (more like from their parents!) Anyway, I was a bit hungry too.. And I thought hey, why not get some cheap stuff from this people selling stuff to the students.. I mean, you cant sell expensive stuff to these small kids as they are kids. So I wanted to see and peep at what they were buying and you know.. follow the crowd.. I saw many of them carrying a basket/box.. inside was leaves.. yes tree leaves or plant leaves.. I was very very curious and fascinated…They were so engrossed with their “toys” or “food” and looking over at each others, having their hands inside playing with it or touching it, comparing with their friends whatever was inside.. Basically 95% of them was carrying something and they have a smile/grin on their face. They were happy… Can anyone guess what it is?! C’mon.. Take a wild guess before you see what I am about to fantasy I am going to reveal… I really couldn’t see what it was as it seemed very delicate and fragile. I tried to looked but I cant see anything besides leaves..And I came to a conclusion, it is definitely not food… And no, I didn’t ask the students what it was… I walked towards where the crowd was, people all standing to buy..I saw a lady first. Sitting down on the floor.. she had baskets too. And all covered up –yes with leaves.. So I walked close up to see as I wanted to buy one too..I heard the conversation big or small and etc… I was about to ask what it was when I saw what the lady was giving the students… She was selling to the students – WORMS! YES, YOU READ IT CORRECTLY – WORMS! CACING! THE THING THAT CRAWLS. DEFINITELY NOT CATERPILLARS.. I was like WTF? I almost puke and I think it is something that ruined my entire day. Small kids! Primary! They are not even doing biology classes.. or I maybe wrong. During our time, I think worms, frogs or etc were supplied by the school? Oh, I don’t know.. But they not only have one worm.. They buy a bunch and rare / keep them in nice boxes/baskets and treat them like pets! For all things! For G… Sake!
  4. My teacher told us about Chinese culture here.. when you give them present it can be anything. Not much of a pantang larang.. except of course, no watch, clock and those Chinese believe.. So she said, you can give them wine, cigarettes or whatever… Then we asked, what if the person don’t drink / smoke. Her reply: It is ok, they can give it to other people – recycle the present. She said it is normal. So don’t worry. We just looked at her and gave her a blank stare. She said she knows in some culture it is not right. She explains it is ok coz the present wont go to waste. Also, if book is given as present, usually they don’t write anything on the book. And attach a card and put in the book. If receiver don’t like the book, they just take out the card and pass on the books to others as a gift. If, they like it, they will maintain the card in the book…
  5. Chinese people don’t fancy twins here.. Don’t really know the reason. I just found this out today.
  6. Oh, empty mineral water bottle is useful. So next time you got a empty mineral bottle, keep it handy as it may come in handy when your pipe burst or leaks.. They are very creative and cost saving people. Imagine a pipe breaks. Vertical pipe that is.. you use the mineral water bottle as a replacement for the broken part.. use your imagination: how do you join back a broken pipe (vertical pipe broken into 2 piece, use the mineral bottle to join those two back…the head of the mineral water where we drink from, turn it upside down and join the two pipes back) I wish I could take a picture for you to see.. Very clever of them…

Ok that is it… Will continue another time…Good nite…12 April 2010, 3.53am…

Chinese Characters are interesting….
Apr 3rd, 2010 by suehooi

While I was writting my blog, I was also chatting online… And here is my interesting conversation which I really need to becareful as I’ve been using the word not realising the other meaning of it… As I always reply very slow in my msn..after a while my friend asked me…

Friend says (5:52 PM): 在干嘛?

S say (5:55 PM): 在忙别的事啊。。

says (5:56 PM): 在干吗?you know the difference?

S says (5:56 PM): 我要找辅导。。

says (5:56 PM): 在干嘛?and 在干吗?

S says (5:56 PM): one is a question..

says (5:56 PM): huh? you need tuition?

S says (5:57 PM): the other is just a question but no need reply. something along tat line..

says (5:57 PM): huh??

S says (5:57 PM): right?

says (5:57 PM): no

S says (5:57 PM): ma the first one..

says (5:57 PM): 1 is asking : what are you doing? 2 is asking : are you having sex?

S says (5:57 PM): wat? are u serious? no..

says (5:57 PM): yes!!

S says (5:57 PM): 2 is what am i doing?

says (5:57 PM): funny eh?

says (5:58 PM):在干吗?

S says (5:58 PM): 1 is i dont know..

says (5:58 PM): 1st is what are you doing.  在干吗? is are you having sex?

S says (5:58 PM): are u sure or not?

says (5:58 PM): it will be a big joke!! if you say 在干吗?

S says (5:59 PM): dont bluff me..

says (5:59 PM): 吗=ma1 嘛=ma2

S says (5:59 PM): i dont know if i’ve used tat before..

says (5:59 PM): true la

S says (5:59 PM): coz i know there’s 2 type of ma.. i just learned the 2nd ma. ma2. weird.. later i go ask my teacher..haha..

says (6:00 PM): hehe, go la

S says (6:01 PM): yeah, i need tuition coz my hanzi is not good enough to read my text book. so i need extra lessons..

says (6:01 PM): hm… those classes not enough

S says (6:01 PM): i just found out why all my classmates are better than me coz all also got tutor… no wonder i am so behind…not enough…so studying chinese not easy life also.. i need to write until my hand so painful..

 says (6:02 PM): poorthing

S says (6:03 PM): 是啊。。很可怜。很多字我忘或者不认识。。

says (6:04 PM): should be 我忘了很多字 my friend tell me this…. tell her that is the differences of “fucking hell” and “what the fuck”…  can be use as noun, adj, verb…can be use as noun, adj, verb… present tense, pass tense and future tense… she mean the word : 干

S says (6:06 PM): haha… so smart.. lucky u tell me.. i didnt know.. so i better not say it in case my pronouncation is bad..

says (6:06 PM): yea!!

S says (6:07 PM): haha..i always used it n dont realised it.. damn… so malu..

says (6:07 PM): 干=fuck,dry, etc….  many menings….在干什么=doing what?…干燥=dry…干!=fuck…. 衣服干了=the clothes are dry… gan1=dry… gan4=fuck …but 在干什么=doing what? also a gan4… interesting eh?

Qing Ming…
Apr 3rd, 2010 by suehooi

Today is Qing Ming day… You know, everything in life you can make money… Just need to put ur heart to it… Chinese ppl that decided to make business out of the “dead” do makes a lot of money … I am serious… Examples:

1. Florist! Believe it or not… It is amazing.. The flowers are so so nice… Colourful, beautiful, amazing how they arrange it and have different varieties…

2. Paper industry! The things they buy to burn or offer to the dead…. Money, TV, Car, House, Maid, Telephone, Bicycle, Accessories, Credit card, Bag and whatever you need as though you are living the way you are living now…

3. Food! Piglets… Fruits… Pastries… 

4. Plastics! If it rains, they have the plastic rain coats, the plastic bags to cover everything so it doesnt get wet. 

5. Bus to take all the China ppl to the graveyard.. The public transport and all are packed with everyone going to the graves.

6. Boats! They actually take boats  out to the sea to throw flowers on the water. Special boats with a commentators saying prayers are they sit boat out to the sea and etc….

Anything is possible in this China… I really like it here! It is unbelievable. And we actually have a public holiday on Monday for this very special occasion!

Addition to this topic, someone asked me… Do you want to be burried or have your ashes scattered on the water.. I never really thought about it just always thought traditional method which is burrial.. But then my friend asked, why? I said I dont know.. Prob coz it is normal.. Then I thought about it.. Burrial cost so much money, and in generations to come, with the modern society what is Qing Ming? Do younger generation really want to go pray or visit ur grave when u r like gone? Troublesome and prob ur grandchildren, great grand children n etc wont even know u or know what to say to u… Waste of land space.. pollution to mother nature when more things are burned and u dont even know if u get it in the other world.

If u go to hell, u most likely wont get it. And what are the chances of going to heaven? Ppl say, it is not easy to go heaven as we are all bad ppl or have done bad things before against religion or etc… So there are so many stages of hell to go before u reached heaven.. So why bother get burried.. Ashes being scattered, good for mother nature, i think.. as the ash will sink down the water n become like sand or whatever.. if ur children, grandchildren or whatever wants to pay respect, they can go to the sea or so.. if they don’t it is ok too because u r not there to see if they do it or not.. and there’s photos to remind them of u in future when u r gone..

For the record, i dont even know my great grandparents. Except my great grandma which I was lucky enought to see her and remember her while i was still in primary school. I remembered I was too young to attend her funeral but her funeral was either all white or red? Chinese beliefs if the person can live to see their 5th or 6th generation, then it is not black or blue? I dont know… Anyway, I dont really talk to her as I was too young at that time and I only know I go there to play or to make fun of the pigs / piglets and see the fisherman lifesyle… And.. I dont think I ever went to her grave. Except for my dad’s side which was once only in my entire life so far..

My grandparents has passed away for few years already. And I can count with one hand how many times I’ve visited their grave since they passed away. Even I loved them very much and they loved my very much being a spoilt brat in the family, I still dont make the effort to see them.. Shame on me! But it is reality. When qing ming time, I am always not around or I cant take leave in KL or just wrong timing …. But my parents, aunts, uncles n other cousins are probably much better than me.. Not prob but definately are!


Oh today is also my Uni’s 89th Birthday… But I guess I am not attending the event as I just found out and it is a bit too late… And I am lazy…

I’m back…
Apr 1st, 2010 by suehooi

Happy April’s Fool Day!

Today I went to watch Alice in the Wonderland.. The 3D cinema is a warm / hot cinema… Was sweating when the show finished…

Anyway, that wasnt the point… The point is… My teacher played an April Fool joke on me… I was confused for a moment coz I know something is not right but just coincidently I needed to top up my phone as it has no more credits. -$0.44 (I think I am getting ripped off.. Supposed to be getting free credit of $20 every month. But I keep seeing my credits going down like water… Pretty sure I’ve asked them if I got monthly access fees, they said no and etc.. But yesterday I was pretty sure I had 10 bucks left and today morning I have negative balance?!)

Anyway, whenever we top up credit there will be an sms sent to ur phone… Stating how much is topped up on the phone and etc…. Well, coincidently my teacher do buy me things every now and then… So when I received the sms stating my phone credit was topped up I was confused coz I know the message shouldnt be coming from my teacher.. And I didnt know how to read the hanzi except one or 2 characters.. So I had to ask another teacher.. And finally only to realised it was an April Fool’s joke… Haha… I didnt know China also celebrated April’s Fool…

I find it amusing… Oh today I started my first Yoga trial lessons.. My back hurts now and I’m tired… And my class teacher gave us a lot of homework today for tomorrow to hand in… So I was thinking to myself…. ”Hey, maybe it was an April’s Fool joke too…” So should I do it or not? I texted one of my classmate… I guessed she was laughing her head off… You think our class teacher at that age will joke about it.. But you can try telling her tomorrow you think it is a joke…. Haha.. I’ve not started my homework but I am on the internet… And I’m so tired and sleepy… And I think if I dont finish my homework I’ll just tell her I thought it was a joke and I got the idea from another teacher… I will say probably it is their culture that I am starting to understand… ;)

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